Meetup on December 12th, 2016

Flowtype: Let's Build a Great Typing Experience with 3rd Party Modules

Patrick Stapfer - @ryyppy

Flowtype is a great tool to statically type your JavaScript code... but a type system is only useful as soon as all external dependencies are typed as well.

There are two ways to vendor flow typings for your third party modules. In this talk, I want to explain how you can consume and deliver flow typings without any troubles and reap the benefits of a nicely typed codebase.

About me: I am a huge flowtype enthusiast and have been using this tool for almost a year and had a long way to go before I really understood the tooling and the ecosystem around it.

I was part of the flow-typed project from day #1 and already gradually introduced typings in various projects during my freelancing work.

Deploying React with Meteor

Callum Macdonald /

A quick intro to how Meteor and React play together. Meteor is probably the fastest way to get React running, from development to production. We'll build and deploy a demo app in the 25 minute talk with time left for questions.

About me: At we take about one React / Meteor project per month. Our unrelenting focus is on speed of development. Idea to launched in the shortest possible time. We regularly look for alternatives to Meteor that would let us move faster, but have yet to find one.

Easily create Redux-based apps with React Native

Wojciech Ogrodowczyk - @sharnik

In this talk we'll get a simple introduction what benefits would using Redux bring to our React Native applications and how to use Ignite - a framework for React Native applications - to get started with it easily and painlessly. We'll live-code a small feature to see how easy it is to use in practise.

Wojciech runs a development consultancy Brains&Beards where he builds cool mobile products and teaches others how to do that as well.