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Code splitting with Webpack: alternative approach to route-based chunking

Yevgen Safronov - @sejoker

It's common nowadays to ship all JS in a single file to the client. As a result, most of the time we load extra bits of the code that aren't required for the current page.

Code-splitting is one answer to the problem of monolithic bundles. It’s the idea that by defining split-points in code, it can be divided into different files that are lazy loaded on demand. The technique improves startup time and helps us get to being interactive sooner.

About me: Obsessed with making load faster.

Beat the framework dependency – How to migrate an Angular 1.x app with over 100.000 lines of code to React.

Sebastian Fröstl

The JS environment is currently probably the fastest growing development ecosystem. What do you do when new concepts pop up within months? Can you still embrace new technologies? How can you ensure minimal dependency on a framework? How can you migrate without rewriting from scratch?

At Small Improvements we’ve build a huge Angular 1.x application and are on our way to migrate to React/Redux. I want to share our strategy, patterns and lessons learned from taking on that journey.

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