Next meetup on March 20th

ClojureScript and React.js

Arne Brasseur

ClojureScript and React are a match made in heaven. This talk will give a brief introduction to ClojureScript, and show what it's like to develop UIs in it with React.

Arne creates beautiful screencasts at Lambda Island.

Animations with React & Redux

Callum Macdonald

A quick introduction to animations with react and redux, including a few tips & tricks on redux performance optimisation.

Mimstris: porting an arcade puzzle game to React / Redux

Mims H. Wright

I thought it would be fun to build a tetris clone so I could make weird-shaped pieces. But what started out as an innocent game tutorial soon became a semi-obsessive crash course in modern front-end concepts. It also is quite fun to play! Come watch as I retell my journey from nothing to a 60-line package.json file.