was an early React user group run by bitcrowd. We at bitcrowd are happy that the React community in Berlin has now expanded to so many user groups and events, that it does no longer need this regular meetup as support.

ReactJS Berlin meetup has been closed.

When we started this event in 2015, it was the first React-focused meetup in Berlin and the community was still young. Now, some years and many great meetups later, several other similar events around React have evolved. So we find that running another one just doesn’t make sense anymore.

React meetups in Berlin

You′re still looking for React meetups and events in Berlin?

Take a look at, where you′ll find many meetups happening around Berlin. is an especially great place to start.

Host an event

Make your event a success! Be accommodating to different needs, and provide a great learning environment.

The bitcrowd office offers a bright, large space that you can use for community events. It has a capacity of 90 people seated, or 30 people with desks for courses. Elevator access can be arranged.

Get help from React experts

Fix problems with your react project

We at bitcrowd have created many ReactJS applications for our clients over the past few years. Just drop us an email or give us a call and we′ll see how we can help your project.

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