Next meetup on June 26th

Authentication, Permissions & Error Handling with GraphQL

Nikolas Burk
Developer at Graphcool

GraphQL is a new and declarative way of fetching and updating data. It’s currently replacing REST as an API standard by making client-server communication a lot more efficient and enabling new developer workflows that allow for rapid product iterations. After a quick introduction to GraphQL, we'll setup a fully-fledged GraphQL backend using Graphcool and explore the query-based permission system by practical examples.

Keeping styles consistent

Michał Koźmiński
Developer @ Klara

Keeping track of consistent UI as codebase growths might be challenging. The talk will cover dealing with shared UI and how to prepare style guidelines. Comparing some of the popular solutions like react-storybook and react-styleguidist.

The story of Storybook

Norbert de Langen
Frontend Consultant @Xebia

React Storybook is a UI development environment for your React components.
With it, you can visualise different states of your UI components and develop them interactively.

It was developed by kadira, but is now maintained by an OS community. We’ve released version 3.0.0 very recently. I’m going to share some of the hurdles we’ve faced and are in front of us.

It’s not just a demo of storybook, but also a story about open source.