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Ladda - A Plugin-driven Library for Client-Side Caching

Peter Crona
Gernot Höflechner

In this talk we will present how we think caching should be tackled by showing Ladda, a library that we built use in production at Small Improvements. While Ladda is framework agnostic, it is also powered by a plugin driven architecture, which we use to integrate nicely with React. We'll show you how to use Ladda with React in an elegant manner, which can also help you with state management.

Scalable state management with MobX and Inversify

Simon Jentsch

MobX is getting quite some buzz lately as an really performant alternative to Redux. But one of it's drawbacks is scaling it for more complex projects. Inversify helps making MobX state management scalable.

In this talk I will show you how to build a simple project with MobX, Inversify and TypeScript which is able to scale as the project grows.

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